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A beautifully detailed Mandala is deconstructed into deeply etched layers while a glistening portrait cut Quartz magnifies and grounds its center. Below it, an Opal-embellished hollow vessel swings from its connecting hinge and waits for you to fill with the fine grains of sand from your favorite beach, earth from your family land or the ashes of a loved one.


The Mandala is a symbol of our eternal connection to the universe, while the vivid shifting colors of the Welo Opal at bottom connect with our emotions. The hollow vessel has a threaded capture at the back that is appropriate to safely secure ashes or other fine grained and meaningful mementos. 



Mandala is 1.25 inches in diameter (30cm) with a 2.5 inch drop (65cm)

Necklace is 22 inches maximum length and can be adjusted as short as desired as hook can fit anywhere on the larger loops of the chain. 


Mandala Memento Necklace

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Included in the cost of this item is the shipping of the memento you wish to place in the hollow form to Shalon Designs. You will receive a shipping label by email. When we receive your item, we will provide a brief video documenting the unboxing of your memento and placing it in the hollow receptable. We will then seal the screw in with epoxy so that it doesn't come loose with wear and tear. Due to the nature of silver, a soft metal, opening and closing the receptacle can cause wear and tear to the threads so we recommend sealing it to ensure the  contents will remain secure.

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