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The Harmony of Spring Amulet is an embodiment of the rejuvenating essence of spring. At its heart blooms a delicate six-petaled flower, hand-crafted in sterling silver and adorned with a mesmerizing blue opal nestled at its center. Symbolizing renewal and growth, the radiant flower charm captivates with its subtle allure, echoing the vibrant hues of a springtime sky.


Accompanying the centerpiece are two complementary charms, each adding its own touch of meaning. A gracefully rendered leafy branch charm, embellished with a lush green emerald, evokes the vitality of spring foliage and the gifts of mother earth. 


Completing this trio of charms is a gentle dove, symbolizing peace and harmony.  Adorned with a shimmering white sapphire, this dove charm exudes serenity and grace. Its wings outstretched in flight, it embodies the spirit of freedom and possibility, inviting the wearer to embrace the joys of life's journey.


Together, these charms form a captivating talisman, infusing any ensemble with a connection both to the earth and to ethereal beauty. Perfect for the woman who seeks to adorn herself with symbols of grace, renewal, and serenity.



Chain adjusts from 18 to 20 inches but can be shortened upon request.

Large flower charm is 1 inch in diameter and with a 1.5 inch drop from the chain.



Harmony of Spring Amulet Necklace

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