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A mandala inspired texture is a detailed backdrop for the glowy Lavender Amethyst that sparkles in the center of this lovely locket. It opens to reveal the artist’s logo and a sunflower mandala as well as a tightly fitting twisted wire ring you can pop in and out to secure your chosen photograph. The locket can be used to hold other small mementos or items. The safety catch insures that it will stay closed. An intricately detailed bail holds it on the textured long-short chain.




Locket is 1 ¼ inches (30 mm) in diameter with the bail adding another quarter inch or so (5mm) in height. 

Chain is adjustable up to 24 inches (61cm) and handmade hook clasp can fit in any of the larger loops of the chain so it can be worn as short as desired with the chain and a pretty wire wrapped Amethyst Briolette tickling your back. 


*The back of the locket has a calm billowing wave pattern. At some angles it looks like there is a slight indentation in the backplate, though it can’t be felt with a finger it’s so shallow (see video of back). Despite it being a small inconsistency, it is visible to the eye at some angles and I have taken it into consideration when calculating the price and reduced it to reflect that. This locket turned out so nicely in every other respect and is truly a labor of love, so it is definitely worthy of someone enjoying it at a lower price point. 

Amethyst Locket

$378.00 Regular Price
$298.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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