Heirloom Quality Jewelry
Made with Fire, Metal & Stone  


If you have found your way to my shop you are someone who loves the artistic integrity behind handmade artisan jewelry. You love to know that someone designed and crafted the item you chose with love and passion, and that they chose their materials with an eye for their natural beauty and quality.


You cherish the meaningful and enduring, those talismans and objects of beauty that will remind you of the many experiences you lived while wearing them. You are a person whose favorite belongings are imbued with meaning.

Peridot and Pink Sapphire Mandala Flower Necklace
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Botanical Charm Necklace
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Dendritic Agate and Carnelian 18k Gold and Sterling Silver necklace, 3
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Solar Quartz Hinged Necklace
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Blue Topaz and Rhodolite Garnet Charm necklace, close-up
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Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst and Peridot Charm Necklace, 2
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Sky Blue Topaz Statement Ring
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Blue Topaz and Rhodolite Garnet Charm necklace
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