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Crafted by hand with meticulous attention to detail, the Sunshine Blossom necklace stands as a unique creation tailored for the free-spirited woman who desires jewelry resonating with her soul.


At the top of this captivating necklace is a hand stamped message of optimism and warmth: "Let the sun shine in." This empowering mantra serves as a daily reminder to embrace the light within and radiate positivity to the world around you. Adorned with a delicately stamped sun, embellished with a twinkling citrine gemstone at its core, this top piece captures the essence of sunshine and vitality.


Gracefully suspended below hangs a magnificent sun-like flower, intricately pierced out to reveal its ethereal beauty. At the center  gleams a lustrous rosecut citrine, exuding a golden glow reminiscent of the sun itself. Each petal is a testament to nature's splendor, celebrating the harmony between earth and sky.


With its blend of artisanal craftsmanship and bohemian charm, the Sunshine Blossom necklace is a symbol of empowerment, joy, and the boundless possibilities that await when you let your inner light shine. Embrace your individuality and illuminate every moment with the radiant energy of the sun.



Flower is approximately 1.25 inches wide.

The two connected parts have a combined total 2.25 inch drop from the chain

The chain adjusts up to 21 inches and can be worn as short as you like.

The decorative citrine briolette at the back dangles behind your neck or forward daintily when it is worn very short.




Sunshine Blossom Necklace

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