An ancient volcanic Moldavite is inset into the stormy seascape of this exceptional Morrisonite Jasper. Dramatic prongs showcase its beauty while allowing for a lower setting to show off this beautifully cut stone’s crisp edges. A row of scalloped hand-stamped details decorates the edges. Perfect for those longer tops and tees as well as fall sweaters this beauty will stand out and be seen. Handmade and one of a kind by the artist in her Northern California studio.


Dimensions: Pendant from top to bottom is 2.25 inches, and has an additional 1.5 inch drop from the dangle, so approximately 3.5 inches total drop (almost 9 cm). Long, thick textured chain is integrated and adjustable from about 22.5 to 24.5 inches long, but clasp can fit anywhere on the chain so it can be worn shorter if desired. This pendant and chain is amply sized to allow for wearing over a crew neck type tee-shirt or sweater. 


Morrisonite Jasper and Inlaid Moldavite Statement Necklace